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How You Can Help

Quite simply, your generous gift can support and benefit the students and teachers of the educational center in Lamego, Mozambique in long lasting and far reaching ways.

There is so much opportunity for growth and improvement at the schools in Lamego. There are very tangible, reachable goals to equip each classroom with all of the books that are needed, for example. Teaching and learning without the proper materials is difficult to say the least, sometimes it is a wonder that the students can grasp some of the more complex things they are learning without a textbook to refer to. The preschools in Lamego can use tremendous support to encourage students to begin and continue their education. Often parents see the time that their child is at school as time that he or she is not contributing to the family farm, for example. Once students make it to the ADPP school, which is a great feat in and of itself, it is not at all uncommon for students to loose their parents or benefactors. We hope to augment the scholarship program so that no student in that tragic situation would have to be turned away for lack of payment.

My wish is that you will become vested in the success of the students and the schools in Lamego along with me. There is so much that money can do to change things and to allow the school in Lamego to continue on their path of positive development.

What Can Your Money Do?

The following can give a notion of just how far money can go. This list is just a sample list. Of course, once the money is collected and I am in Mozambique I will discus at length with the directors just how the money could best be utilized.

How to Make a Donation

Contributions will be acknowledged with a receipt of donation.