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October 22, 2002

Casa Fantasma Update!


First and foremost...a BIG thank you to the Armbrust, Newton, Tempestini, Hollarbush, Weingartner, Winston, Doody and Bradburn families for the very generous donations to the school!

Second, thanks to my cousin Pete for HIS donation of a COMPUTER! Complete with CD-ROM! I brought it, in 2 enormous boxes each weighing 70 pounds, on 4 different flights and for over 4000 miles! But it is here! And everyone is quite excited to have the FIRST computer in the vocational school! I am going to be teaching computer classes to both the teachers and the students at the vocational school. Thanks, Pete!

As for the monetary donation, we are renovating an old abandoned building, the Casa Fantasma (Ghost House), left over from the Portuguese times. We will be transforming it into a community center for the Child Aid Project. In brief, although there is more info about Child Aid on this website, Child Aid works to improve the lives of the children within our community by improving all aspects of the community. For example, the life of a child can be improved when the economy of the parents is more secure. Furthermore, the life of a child can be improved with the assurance of health and education. And, so, Child Aid works on all these different areas.

Front of building

Our plan, which has already been implemented, is to have the construction students at the vocational school spend their practical work time each day working on the Casa Fantasma. They will be completing the bulk of the work. It is wonderful experience for them, too. The experience that they have now is limited to NEW construction only; this is the first opportunity they have had for renovation work. I, too, am pleased to have the opportunity to work with them during their practical time. It will be good for them to see a woman doing construction work!

And, so, when I returned about a week and a half ago, we started working fast and furiously! I went, on my first weekday back, to buy the bulk of the electrical supplies. And, one week later...WE HAVE ELECTRICITY! It is amazing how quickly the project is moving. Everyone is just thrilled about the prospect of this center and so we have loads of help and loads of incentive to finish the work in a timely (unMoçambican) fashion.

Inside of casa

I and everyone who will benefit from this project, is so very thankful to all of you who helped make this happen! It truly will make a difference here. And, for me personally, I thank you as well. It is a pleasure to be able to be a part of this new and exciting project and to actually leave something behind after I leave. THANK YOU! I will be sure to keep you updated as things progress.... but for now, another time....THANKS!