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October 31, 2002

Casa Fantasma Update II

And Now....WE HAVE A ROOF!!

ClimbingThings are truly progressing nicely. The hunt for the roof was a several day process. We went to a bunch of different stores seeking out the best quality for the best price. Finally, after several days, we found what we were looking for. Now, the construction students are learning how to install the roofing materials (long sheets of zinc that have slight waves to them). This stage of the project will only take about 4 days in total.

Then, our next step is to further enclose the building with windows and doors.

PaintingThe project, in all, is moving along swiftly and with very few problems. I was surprised to hear that the projected finish date was before my departure. But, now, I do think it might just happen. Especially if things continue on this path.

Roof of Building!!