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January 14, 2003

Casa Fantasma Update

After a slow month in December due to exams and vacations, more work is being done on the Casa Fantasma.

When we welcomed the new volunteers, we also welcomed an artist, Brian! He has jumped into all aspects of our center... He is teaching English classes, planning activities, and painting just about every paintable surface.

Brian working on the muralHe has just about completed a giant mural on the outside wall, which faces the main road, of the Casa Fantasma. It depicts the life of our community. At the top, it has the insignias of the Child Aid project, TCE (the AIDS project), the World Food Program, and the Mozambican Social Service Organization, all groups with whom we work quite closely.

Brian has added such beauty to our center.

WFP DistributionAlthough the Child Aid employees and offices have not moved into the Casa Fantasma yet, many activities have been going on...

WFP DistributionFor one, we do receive World Food Program donations. The WFP is a branch of the United Nations. We receive corn and oil and beans and rice and peas for our school cafeteria. Our farms and fruit trees provide the rest of our needed nutrients. However, Child Aid recognized a need within our community: orphaned children and those who care for them. Obviously, those who are kind enough to take in an orphaned child face somewhat of a financial burden. As a result of the need, the Child Aid project applied for and received WFP food for the families with orphans. There have been several community distribution days where people come to receive their staples for their family. Since the renovation, we have held several successful distribution days!

PS: for those of you who may be interested, I would be happy share how we spent the donation money. Just email me and let me know!