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May 30, 2003

Thank You!

I was thinking about this entry long and hard…I wanted to be able to do a life-long thank you list. But, I am sure that I would forget someone or something, and then I would feel guilty for that, and I am trying to avoid guilty feelings! Perhaps someday I will thank everyone for everything, because, if we think about this list, I am excluding people like Jacqueline and Katherine and Hil, people who I have counted on for years now for general sanity and happiness, and they, of course, deserve a little of my thanks every once in a while! It is very true that I have been very blessed in my life. This is my chance to make my thanks for this small, 2 year portion of my life.

My Family and IFor everything in my life, I must thank my family first and foremost. Everything I have learned about how to live my life well and how to be happy has come from you. I tell everyone how fortunate I am to have such supportive parents…and it is true. The work "supportive" does not even begin to cover it. It is support, it is encouragement, and it is even a little bit of silence when their youngest daughter wants to go just about as far away as possible. And, for my big sisters…thank you for taking care of me, always.... for beating up Brian Kerrins for me and for love-coupons (I think you know what all is included in "love-coupons", right??)... for endless words of full-of-thought and thoughtful advice and for invitations for a swim when my life is a little "up-in-the-air".

Shannon and JacquelineThank you, Shannon. Where can I begin, Shamunaba? We have quite a history now, huh? Thanks for being just as excited about the truck calendar as I was. Thanks for taking care of me in the Port Authority. Thank you for stressing out so that I would not have to. Thanks for thinking that buying $1.43 of gas and men who appear out of the fog are just as funny as I do. Shee.... voce sabe o que eu estou a dizer, nao? Obrigada para tudo, desde a primero fim de semana da preparacao ate agora, voce foi minha irma. Muito obrigada, Stwaw.

Micheque and AmyThank you, Amy. I very sincerely doubt that I would have lasted through my year in Mozambique had Amy not been there. I hope, Amy that you realize the impact you had on me, and continue to have, too. For the hardest parts, I had you to confide in, be scared with, and count on —all in a very non-dependant way, right? You understood it when I could not even begin to explain it.

Ali and I, too happy...Ali and I, too sad...Thank you, Ali. Ahhh, Hallie.... Thank you for the competition, and the sexy jeans, and for reading my journal, and the "campaign". I am a more well rounded person because of you! But, in all seriousness, you were there on my hardest day in Mozambique. And, when I say you were there, I mean in ALL ways, not just your physical presence but everything. There are moments in life that you will always remember because of the monumental impact of another person—that was my day, and you were that person.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation during my training... I would not have even gotten to Mozambique had it not been for those donations. Mozambique was/is one of the best things I have ever done with my life. It is significant in all ways on all levels. This is one of the thank- you’s in life that you can NEVER possibly express in all of its fullness. But, thank you, forever. The kindness will never escape me. Someday, I hope I can repay that kindness to you, individually.

JuddThank you, Judd. Thanks for the trip to the vocational school in MA. That was just the beginning, right? Thank you for your comforting words throughout, you were just what I needed...

Thank you, Fernanda. Thanks for your words of advice -first do no harm, and if you can do good, even better. It will stay with me forever. Thank you for always giving me an example of how to live morally.

Thank you, Jorge, for the perfect day on the beach and the days after, especially.

Thank you to the others on my many "teams" —Dana, Teresa, Jeff, Akhiko, Tomoko, Brian, Cat, Sophia, and Justin (you were kinda sorta on my team for a bit, right??). I am amazed at how we very different people learned to work and live together, how to support each other, and how to be successful at our work together. Thank you!

Andrew hugs CaitlynAnd, for the grand finale, THANK YOU ANDREW!!! Thank you for coming up with the website idea. Thank you for spending hours upon hours upon hours in front of your computer to share my life with my family and friends (and a whole lot of random folks from DRH). Thank you for putting up with me changing my mind over and over… Thank you for coming up with ideas that would have never occurred to me. Thank you for doing this for ME... at first it was for US... so, it is a big thing that you would even OFFER to continue, but to actually DO IT, too! You are amazing!