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June 21, 2005

Donation Update

Many Thanks, once again, to those who made financial contributions to the school in Lamego. To date, we have $3750 in donations!

There was quite a bit of discussion as to what the best way to use the money would be. However, when it came to dividing the money, everyone was in easy accordance.

  1. The EPF (Teacher Training College) Loan is to be used to facilitate the education of students who can't pay partial or full tuition for EPF. Students will pay back in full the amount borrowed during/after student teaching year. This is to be used in conjunction with money that EPF already has for this purpose.
  2. EAO (Vocational School) Scholarships are used for 5 full scholarships for students who have no other means of attending the school.
  3. EAO Caiza de Escola - This money is to be used for students who lose their caregiver at some point in their school term or who need emergency help with school payments. This money can be used for school payments, or transport or hygiene costs for such students. There are currently four students who are benefiting from this money.
  4. Continuing Education Scholarship - This money is allotted for EAO graduates who would like to continue with their education who otherwise would not be able to afford it.
  5. Mosquito Nets - We have purchased 100 mosquito nets to be used by the Vocational School students to prevent the spread of malaria.
  6. Bunk Beds and Mattresses - to replace beds and mattresses that have fallen into disrepair.
  7. Laboratory - the school built a lab that just needs a bit more money to finish and to make it usable.
  8. EAO Supplies - basic school supplies; pens, pencils, chalk, etc.
  9. EAO Teacher Scholarship - One of the EAO teachers will attend a language institute to become a certified English teacher.
  10. Chairs - replacement of chairs that have fallen into disrepair.
  11. Clinic
  12. Women's Club
  13. AIDS ribbons

# Total Amount Allocated-Dollars Metacais
1 EPF loan fund $680 13.600.000,00 mt.
2 EAO Scholarships $500 10.000.000,00 mt.
3 EAO Caixa de Escola-School Box $750 15.000.000,00 mt.
4 Continuing Education Scholarship $450 9.000.000,00 mt.
5 Mosquito Nets $350 7.000.000,00 mt.
6 Bunk Beds and mattresses $500 10.000.000,00 mt.
7 Laboratory $200 4.000.000, 00 mt.
8 EAO Supplies $75 1.500.000,00 mt.
9 EAO Teacher Scholarship $50 1.000.000,00 mt.
10 Chairs $195 3.900.000,00 mt.
11 Clinic $200 .
12 Women's Club $100 .
13 AIDS Ribbons $35 .
Total $4085 75.000.000,00++ mt.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with me. I would be happy to give you further information!

I am quite pleased at how this money has been allocated. I hope you are too!