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Photos 1 Photos 2
Check out Aliís photos from Lamego!

Friends of the Honde Valley
Juddís project helping orphaned children in Zimbabwe

Dana and Terresa in Angola
2 IICD volunteers diary their time in Angola (2001)


Aids in Africa (.net)
An online resource for current information on HIV/AIDS in Africa.

World Food Program interactive hunger map
WFP has created and interactive map so you may get an idea of how areas in the world compare as far as nourishment.

DATA aims to raise awareness about, and spark response to the crises swamping Africa: unpayable Debts, uncontrolled spread of AIDS, and unfair Trade rules which keep Africans poor.

Global Aids Alliance (GAA)
The mission of the GAA is to mobilize the political will and financial resources needed to slow and ultimately stop the global AIDS crisis, and to reduce its impacts on poor countries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

World on Fire
A brief video highlighting many facts about life in Africa featuring Sarah McLachlan

Child Aid and TCE
The premise of the Child Aid project is to develop and nurture every child by developing all aspects of the community. TCE is a project to gain Total Control of the AIDS Epidemic.

Other Points of Interest

Black Wharton Undergraduate Association (BWUA)
The Black Wharton Undergraduate Association serves to increase and maintain the academic success of African-American students on the undergraduate level, to increase communication between the student body and the university administration, and to establish and maintain relationships between students and the external corporate community.

Makuu: The Black Cultural Student Center
Makuu seeks to provide a cultural laboratory for the University of Pennsylvania students and their allies to invent, organize, and collaborate with one another. Makuu also provides a space for the university community to learn about the African Diaspora, and engage in diverse interactions.

Tomoko's 'Movie' About Lamego (11.4MB) (Right Click and Save As)
Tomoko also spent a year in Lamego. She focused her energy on the Child Aid Project and did a phenomenal job at it!! This short 8 minute piece helps to visualize what we saw and did on a daily basis.(Contact us about getting the full quality version.)